Thank you for your interest in iCollections. We hope to satisfy all of your file management needs. Some of the implemented functions can be used to greatly facilitate improvements in everyday work. Please read this document thoroughly.
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iCollections main features:
• Easily create Collections to organize items on your desktop.
• Create Disk Panel to show your disk drives.
• Create Folder View to access selected folders right on the desktop.
• Create Photo Frame to have your favorite images on your desktop.
• Create App Monitor to display and easily switch between active application.
• View Calendar to see your planed events.
• Add tabs to group files in one Collection.
• Change a collection's style, fonts and colors.
• Sort items within Collections.
• Change the size and style of items within a Collection.
• iCollections integrates with your desktop.
• Highly customizable interface and functionality.

Introduction to iCollections and basics of use by Marcel Dufresne (Mause Reviews)
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