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Disk Xray is a system optimization, scanning and cleaning tool. It finds and removes useless file duplicates and unused  
files from your system - allowing your system to run faster by freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces  
of your online activities such as your Internet history. A user have full control in being able to look through the list of  
duplicates and unused cache files and decide which copy to keep.
With Disk Xray you can find out which folders are the largest on your drives and better organize your file collections.  
Graphical analyses provide a quick visualization of disk space usage.
Disk Xray is divided into 3 modules. Each of them is fully independent and can runs simultanously with the others. You can also open multiple windows, duplicating the modules to simultanously scan different locations.
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1. Folder scanner is a visual disk/folder analyser that enables you to spot large files and folders on your hard drive(s).
• Scan any of your disks (local, remote, network or portable) or just a folder to analyse.
• Creates a map of the data on your disk, color-coded by type.
• Easily reveal specific folders in the Finder, display a preview, info dialog or just copy their path.
2. Duplicate Files Finder frees up disk space by deleting duplicate files and giving you a chance to recover gigabytes of your disk space. All duplicate files are checked byte-by-byte to give you 100% guarantee they are exact copies. The comparison uses a high efficient algorithm to make the scanning process as fast as possible.
3. Disk Cleaner speeds up your computer and by finding and removing temporary files on your computer that you decide you no longer need. It cleans temporary files, history and cookies from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. The Cleaner also finds and removes all installed Application Caches, Logs, Downloads and Mail attachments (those which can be re-downloaded on demand any time later). You can also set it to find all big files on your disk. Decide how old files you want to remove - one week, one month or one year.
Disk Cleaner and Duplicates Finder allows you to revert back all removed files. If you delete something accidentally or if you change your mind - just put removed files back by one click.
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