ZipAndUp allows you to define a list of backups. Each backup consists of any number of files and folders that will be archived and sent to a location of your choice (on a local folder or on a remote server).
In the picture above, we can see two defined backups (left list). The first backup will be saved in the "/Users/naarak/test/WorkDocuments" folder and the second in the "/Users/naarak/test/MyPictures" folder. The WorkDocuments backup consists of 8 items (files and folders) visible on the right list. These 8 items will be compressed and sent to the WorkDocuments folder. All items can be packed into one archive file or each can be packed and sent separately - it depends on the settings in preferences.
A blue dot next to an item in the right list means that that item has been modified since the last backup.
Settings allow you to define backup parameters. The settings apply to all backups.
Backup schedule - set when and at what intervals the backup should be performed.
Name od the archived item - define the pattern according to which the backup files should be named.
Archive an item only when... - set whether to back up all files or only those that have been modified since the last backup.
Notify when the backup... - whether a notification about the end of the backup should appear if there were no errors.
Show Backup window... - show main window on startup ZipAndUp.
The log contains all operations performed by ZipAndUp for a selected backup. Backups can be switched using the combo box on the toolbar. Each element is marked with an icon indicating the status of the operation. Each element also contains information to which file it has been archived (bottom status line).
Backup Log
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