µDock User Guide
Main window
The main window shown below may differ depending on the version of uDock. The window can be customized in the Preferences.
The Processes column displays all the applications running on your Mac. To activate the application, click on the application. Right-click the application to display the application context menu. To add an application to the main (center) panel, drag and drop the selected application to the main panel (this may require activating the editing mode).

The main panel contains your items. Items can be applications, files, and folders. To add an item to the main panel, drag it from the Finder to the main panel. You can also right-click on an empty space and select "Add Item". The main panel can contains multiple tabs. Each tab can keeps items in two different ways:
- Grid - items can be placed in "slots". Items can be placed in any free slot. The tab has a limited number of slots. All items must be visible.
- Flat - items can be stacked one after the other. No empty spaces are allowed. The number of items is unlimited. Items that do not fit on the tab can be scrolled up and down to reveal them.

Running applications are marked on the main panel (yellow dot by default). If the application displays the badge number, the badge is presented on the main panel (not available in the App Store version).

The Disks panel displays all the disks visible in your Mac. To show a disk content, click the disk icon. Right click the disk to display the context menu for the disk.

Items in the window can be revealed in the Finder. To view the location of an item in the Finder, press the Cmd key and click the item. A Finder window will open with the item selected.

To display the main window menu, click the menu icon in the top-right corner of the window.
To close the window click the close icon in the top-left corner.