Scherlokk features
Scherlokk is a light and extremly fast application.
This gives a great search speed even when opening many applications.
•  Autosave
•  Fast searching
Open as many search windows as needed, searching files simultaneously in different locations.
•  Multitasking
•  File Compare
Scherlokk can compare any files (text or binary) and displays their differences, taking into account insertions or deletions.
•  Wanted files
Files are searched in all subfolders (system, hidden, etc). Packages (eg. applications) can be excluded from the search. Folders which meet specified criteria can also be found.
•  Your searching result
Search result list can be sorted by any order. Files on the list can be viewed, launched and displayed in the Finder.
User can narrow search result by filter file names, sizes or file kinds.
Each time you open the program it reads from the preferences and restores your settings.
•  Is Scherlokk based on Spotlight?
No. Scherlokk has it's own search engine. Apple chose to exclude some select system directories from the Spotlight index. By setting your privacy preferences you may have excluded some more.
Scherlokk has no such limitations finding files - it searches all subfolders and all files.
•  Is there a Windows version?
No. Scherlokk is build for Mac from scratch using native technologies and targeting the modern versions of macOS.
•  Why does Scherlokk list that many folders?
If you are looking for files only, make sure "Search for folder" option is turned off.
•  What are the system requirements?
Scherlokk requires macOS 10.11 or later. Check the support page for archive versions.
•  Where can I send my feature request?
Please send all requests, bug reports and feedback at support tab.
All reports will be answered - but sometimes it can take more than few days.
•  How can I activate my trial version?
Trial version can be activated to full version by buying Scherlokk. After the payment is accepted, the personal license key is generated and sent to the purchaser.
Frequently Asked Questions
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